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Give someone crypto just like cash.

Just like cash, Code is instant, private, and free.

Give someone crypto just like you would cash.

Just like cash, Code is instant, private, and free.

But unlike cash, you can use it with anyone, anywhere in the world.

Give Digital Paper Cash in 100+ currencies.






5 of Kin


Unlike other crypto wallets, your balance and transaction history aren't visible to the public.

Code is self-custodial, which means you have full control of your funds.

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What is Code?

Code is a crypto wallet app that makes crypto simple to use.

What makes Code different from other crypto wallets?

Unlike other crypto wallets that are built for speculation, Code is built for seamless payments, enabled through the power of digital paper cash.

How is Code able to make crypto payments instant and free?

Code uses the cryptocurrency Kin, which runs on the Solana blockchain. Code has built a platform that leverages the power of Solana to enable instant payments that have no fees.

If there's no fees, how does Code make money?

Code is a not-for-profit organization that plans to sustain itself through an upcoming subscription model, similar to what apps like Signal and Twitter do.

I don't have Code yet, how do I get it?

Code is currently invite only. You can request an invite here but our team is backed up getting people onboarded. The fastest way to get Code is to get it from someone who already has it. You can tweet @getcode on Twitter or post in r/codewallet on Reddit and someone will get you on board.

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